With natural disasters occurring all over the world, climate change deniers still continue to spread false information about climate change—including people in power, such as politicians and fossil fuel lobbyists. We partnered with Protect Our Winters Canada (POW), a non-profit fighting climate change, to set the record straight.
In time for the 2019 Canadian elections, we launched the Fact Avalanche: an online tool designed to counter misinformation and skepticism surrounding climate change and engulf climate change deniers’ tweets in truth. Whenever one of the influential climate change deniers we targeted tweeted an incorrect claim about climate change, Fact Avalanche subscribers were alerted via text, email or Slack prompting them to #FactBack with scientific facts from a custom fact bank built in partnership with Canadian universities and scientific climate partners at IC3 (Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change). #FactBack GIFs and stickers were also created so people could take action on social platforms outside of Twitter.

Agency: Sid Lee
Role: Illustration & Design