I didn’t start this project with the goal of making a book. I just wanted to create stuff everyday. So every morning, rain, shine or hangover, I put an icon on @music_is_minimalist.
From what started as daily Instagram posts, now has evolved into a book for your coffee table. With a playful eye for words, shapes and life experiences, each page reads like a creative riddle.
This book features 365 graphic parodies of music titles, in the form of fun, spontaneous and universal icons.
More photos here.
• Size: 5x7po
• 372 pages.
• Printed by Quadriscan in Montreal.

Local Pickup available (Downtown Montreal) : email us before checking out (anthonymorell00@gmail.com)

Facetime Lapel Pin
• Limited Edition
• 1" Soft Enamel Pin
• Made by Valley Cruise Press

This is a 6” x 8” sheet of high quality, weather proof stickers. Features 8 individual vinyl stickers.
Printed in Montreal by Stickerism.